ITOH Hanako Crystal Night

ITOH Hanako Crystal Night is a sleep enhancement beauty drink solution which helps fight visible signs of ageing and restore skin youthfulness with hydrolysed collagen and nature’s most powerful beauty treatment; quality sleep. Deep sleep supports and maximises the skin’s renewal process and in turn supercharges your eight hours of slumber for a complexion that is more glowing and plumper than ever.

Infused with a relaxing and calming blend of GABA, Chamomile Extract, L-theanine and Ornithine, Crystal Night regulates sleep quality for vital skin cell repair so that you wake up refreshed with a rested body, restored mind and rejuvenated skin.

The Power of Deep Sleep

During deep sleep, the skin enters recovery mode and goes through a time of intense repair, regeneration and collagen synthesis, up to three times faster than during the day.

A Relaxing & Calming Blend

ITOH Hanako® Crystal Night is the only beauty collagen drink that helps your body fully utilise the effects of collagen through the use of GABA, Ornithine and L-theanine; promoting deep, restorative sleep so that you wake to healthy, glowing and luminous skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whom should take ITOH Hanako® Crystal Night?

ITOH Hanako® Crystal Night was specially developed to aid modern age professionals with their hectic lifestyles to look their best and get better rest without losing their freedom to enjoy things they love.

Is ITOH Hanako® Crystal Night Halal Certified?

ITOH Hanako® Crystal Night is a non-halal certified product at the moment. However, it does not contain any ingredients derived from pork origin. Hence, it is subjected to the individual’s preference and choice to drink Crystal Night.

Can I take ITOH Hanako® Crystal Night if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

While ITOH Hanako® Crystal Night is generally safe for people without allergens, it is recommended that you consult your doctor prior to take any supplements during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Is ITOH Hanako® Crystal Night suitable for men?

ITOH Hanako® Crystal Night is suitable for anyone over the age of 20 looking to replenish the loss in collagen. It does not contain any additional hormonal ingredients that may affect men.

Can I take ITOH Hanako® Crystal Night while I am on medication?

It is recommended that you stop taking ITOH Hanako® Crystal Night until your full course of medication or treatment ends. You are advised to consult your doctor for professional advice.