ITOH Hanako® (花子) is a beauty solutions brand with a focus on developing high-quality and effective supplements and beverages to help women attain lasting youthful-looking skin.

With a constant desire to search for high-quality ingredients not only from Japan but also from the mountains and oceans around the world, ITOH Hanako brings a higher quality of life to you while allowing you to enjoy the process with tasteful and delicious products.

All ITOH Hanako products contain the best of nature’s ingredients combined with the expertise in pharmaceutical manufacturing which achieves the best results for the end user. Placing your personal well-being as our top priority, ITOH Hanako allows you to enjoy life through beauty.

ITOH Hanako, Makes You Beautiful.

Our Beliefs:

Here at ITOH Hanako, we believe in constant innovation while making all products enjoyable. As such, we ensure that all our products pass through the most stringent quality tests during production and thus all our products remain manufactured in Osaka, Japan.

About ITOH Kanpo:

Founded in 1887, ITOH Kanpo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical, quasi-drug, cosmetics & health food products.


To develop superior quality beverages and supplements that extend and slow down the ageing process which affects your quality of life.